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> Bassocontinuo Aeroline F1 Power Amplifier Stand


Clean and harmonious lines are perfectly integrated with hi-tech materials such as carbon fibre (which is used at every point of connection between the supporting structure and the shelf) or more classic materials such as porcelain stoneware and satin-finish steel. Aeroline represents another challenge and opens up a new era.

Expression of pure aesthetics.
This power amplifier stand combines strength and elegance all in one.
The carbon fibre attachments, which connect the shelf with the height-adjustable semi-spherical end piece, are masterpieces of engineering: ultra-lightweight objects designed to withstand considerable load stress, they radiate an unmistakable charm. Insulation from the ground is guaranteed by the combination of rubber-steel-carbon for outstanding performance. Itís a pity to have to cover it up.

- Design by Marco Acerbis.
- Ceramic panel, in three different finishes, or carbon fibre panel.
- Cosmetic Delrin cap. Nothing is left to chance.
- Carbon fibre connectors that implement stability and act as dampers.
- The system is decoupled with an elastomer under each shelf.
- Stabilizer washer to ensure an extreme fine tuning.
- Height-adjustable semi-spheres.
- Underpins decoupled with nitrile discs.

- Structure: four legs structure, solid metal parts, completely modular, stainless steel coated;
  adjustable hemispheres.
- Thickness of the shelves: from 30 to 50 mm
- Height between shelves (or from the floor): from 150 to 350 mm
- Overall dimension: 665 x 545 mm (w x d)
- Useful size: 665 x 545 mm (w x d)
- Load capacity: 80 kgs
- Decoupling: by nitrible rubber discs under the rack and elastomer washers between the
  structure and the shelf.
- Note: fully modular rack. Always expandable and upgradeable.


Cable Management (Set of 4)
Cable management is a revolutionary and outstanding tool, made by carbon fiber, to keep your cables perfectly neat. Everybody knows how could be bothersome a cableís jungle. This could also be damaging in terms of performance: with our cable management you can move away power cords from signal cables.


Form Follows Function
Beautiful or functional?

We have chosen both.
For the first time in the HiFi / High-End world, we have introduced design, discovering that mixing ideas and materials from the most different fields and connect aesthetics with performance is possible.
The F2 is so well-proportioned that it could be considered an object in itself, where materials and textures are perfectly matched, creating contrasts that enhance the shapes.

The design is by Marco Acerbis, an award-winning, internationally renowned architect who has worked with Foster+Partner and the architect Mario Bellini, as well as a prestigious client portfolio. Architect Marco Acerbis designed the entire Aeroline for Bassocontinuo, a series of objects with strong aesthetic connotations that do not disdain state-of-the-art technical solutions.


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