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> Pagode MKII Carbon Edition Hifi Racks


Musicality and high-tech are no contradiction at all, thus complementing each other for an unrivalled sonic experience full of enthralling dynamics and captivating true-to-life detail.

The emotionality of the music is preserved to its finest degree by off ering the listener a new integral sight into the world of sound.

The term finite elemente describes a numerical calculation method used in the field of mechanical engineering and basically means the division of a body into several finite elements, which are used for the calculation of mechanical stresses. Company name and philosophy of the company speak for themselves. In the phase of development every new product has a clear scientific background, paired to my strong passion for music and premium craftmanship.
“Quality manufactured in Germany” – remaining true to this principle for more than 20 years, our products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.


Solid Canadian maple frameworks, crossbars and side pillar bars stiffl y cladded with Carbofibre° layers for higher torsional rigidity and sonic accuracy

Ultra-lightweight honeycomb-core Carbofi bre° shelves for optimised resonance absorption and dissipation

Ceramic ball coupling of Carbofi bre° shelves by means of height-adjustable ceramic ball point setcrews

Unique tried-and-tested Resonator Technology with Resonators individually determined to each rack and amplifi er platform for true-to-life audio fi delity

Cerabase° interface feet supplied as standard for perfect resonance coupling to the floor

Heavy-Duty component level for heavy-weight components up to 120 kg available as an option for the top-level


> Pagode MKII Carbon Edition features


Lightweight in design
pagode° is a lightweight design with a minimalistic use of specifi c materials selected under acoustic aspects. Solid Canadian maple, resonance-poor aluminum and precise stainless-steel parts combined with ultralight honeycomb core shelves, culminate in a sophisticated construction to isolate audio components from the ground. To create a vibrationfree environment, a 3-layer concept makes use of an inner shelf ceramic ball-coupled to an outer frame spike-tensioned to an exterior structure, thus allowing for
a controlled absorption and dissipation of sound-impairing resonances.


Resonator Technology
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the triedand-tested Resonator Technology is a cutting-edge mainstay in assuring the perfectly unaltered reproduction of musical events as defi ned by the artist and the original recording. Developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Germany) and in its deliberate application unique to the audio sector, fi nite elemente has implemented this sound enhancing concept to its pagode° equipment supports, in order to have the audio components placed thereon exploiting their intrinsic sonic potential to the fullest.


Perfection in every detail
Be it the advanced technology or be it the immaculate craftmanship excellently clothed in an elaborate and living room friendly design, the pagode° rack system brilliantly mirrors its creator‘s profound love to detail and sonical excellence. Perfectly CNC-machined metal meets meticulously handcrafted wood pleasing both the eyes and the hands, let alone the paramount acoustical experience indulging the ears. The fi tting of Cerabase° interfaces as a standard feature to racks and amplifi er platforms is just another appreciation of the music to be accurately reproduced in all its facets.


Heavy-Duty for heavy gear
Heavy components often involve a specific handling when it comes to off er them the perfect environment to best carve out their sonic capabilites. pagode° addresses these requirements by providing the perfect solution: the Heavy-Duty option. Exclusively available for the toplevel of the racks, it makes use of the sound improving Cerapuc° interfaces to support heavy loads up to 120 kg, often reached by mass turntables, big CD drives or amplifi ers. The torsional stiff ness and resonance-control added to the construction also adds more lifelike accuracy and vibrant dynamics to the sound



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Magazine FIDELITY No. 54 / German:


The “Edition” maintains virtually zero intrinsic character and frees the components to truly sing with breathtaking order and clarity. Arguably the best rack system on the market!



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