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Carbofibre HD
with Cerabase (optional)

> Carbofibre isolation bases


The ultralight isolation bases made of carbon fiber-layered honeycomb cores provide a significantly improved sound quality through their controlled resonance damping and dissipation – more detail, more dynamics and ultimately more music. Our isolation bases offer the optimum combination of lightweight design and extreme torsional rigidity.

  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre isolation bases with significantly optimized resonance absorption for improved sound quality

  • Honeycomb core with carbon fibre layers all-round for an optimal combination of extreme
    torsional rigidity and resonance impairing lightweight design

  • CARBOFIBRE single-layer version for light to middle-weight components and CARBOFIBRE° HD multi-layer version for light to heavy components

  • Precision bubble for easy levelling of isolation base

  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet with M8 threaded setscrews supplied as standard

  • CERABASE°, CERAPUC° or CERABALL° available as an option

resonance diagram

1 - Carbofibre isolation Base
Single-layer version in 23 mm thickness for light to middle-weight components.
CF01: 450 x 400 x 23 mm
CF02: 500 x 475 x 23 mm
2 - Carbofibre HD isolation Base
Multi-layer version in 45 mm thickness for light to heavy components.
CFHD01: 450 x 400 x 45 mm
CFHD02: 500 x 475 x 45 mm
3 - Carbofibre rack shelf (retrofitable for PAGODE)
CF600: Carbofibre 600 - 515 x 465 x 18 mm
CF750: Carbofibre 750 - 665 x 465 x 18 mm
4 - Carbofibre rack shelf (as option for PAGODE)
CF600: Carbofibre 600 - 515 x 465 x 18 mm
CF750: Carbofibre 750 - 665 x 465 x 18 mm


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