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dCS Mosaic is a carefully assembled collection of hardware and software modules which, when combined, provide a listener with easy and intuitive access to a vast catalogue of digital music. Whether it’s high resolution files stored on a listener’s own server, or an Internet Radio broadcast from a distant land, Mosaic ensures the music and audio you love is only a few convenient taps away.

Version 1.2 of dCS Mosaic is available as a no-cost update for existing dCS customers. It will
be delivered as an update to Mosaic Control and the Mosaic Processor.

  • To update Mosaic Control, customers will need to download the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Play

  • To update the Mosaic Processor, customers will need to perform a network
    update on their dCS device


If you’re having trouble with dCS Mosaic or any other aspects of your dCS product, there is a network of people worldwide who are available to assist you.

Your first line of support is always your nearest dCS dealer or distributor. Our partners are rigorously trained on every aspect of our product line, so they are well equipped to deal with most issues or queries. You can find your local dealer or distributor at here.

You can also access complete documentation for Mosaic, along with FAQs and information regarding other technical and support topics, on the dCS Community forum (dcs.community). This forum is actively monitored by dCS personnel, and there is a dedicated Support area where you can post any questions you may have.

As Mosaic is regularly updated, printed manuals can quickly become out of date. To address this issue, we have developed an online user guide which is constantly maintained and refreshed to reflect any changes to Mosaic. We have also developed a two-page quick reference guide which will assist new users with the basics of Mosaic Control. You can access both of these guides via the link below.

How do I get dCS Mosaic?

The dCS Mosaic is available as a two-part software installation.
You will need both Mosaic Control (the app) and Mosaic Processor (the device firmware).

Getting dCS Mosaic Control:
Mosaic Control is available for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play respectively. You can find the app in either store by entering ‘dCS Mosaic Control’ into the search box. Alternatively you can use the QR codes below or tap on the App Store or Google Play icons.

dCS Mosaic Control for iOS dCS Mosaic Control for Android

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