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> Bassocontinuo Golia Uncompromising Rack


Made in cooperation with Politecnico in Milano. The purpose of the test was the characterization
of the rack from a dynamic point of view up to 2000 Hz.

Instrumentations list will be available on the test report (online shortly).

A total of 40 uniaxial accelerometers plus 5 triaxial accelerometers were contemporary used
during the test.

The rack was instrumented in 55 points.

The most dangerous resonance frequency on loaded rack was identified at 23,185 Hz (almost
close to the audible limit).

This means quite a perfect insulation of the rack from the floor.

- Modular structure made by solid stainless 60 mm diameter
- Aftermarket updates are available thanks to its full flexibility
- Thickness of the shelf: sandwich of 53 mm (30 mm halfway shelf)
- Height between the shelves: from 75 to 375 mm (step by 75 mm or 150 mm)
- Overall dimensions: 785 x 755 mm (W x D)
- Load capacity: 150 kg bottom / 80 kg all the other shelves
- Decoupling: located in three different points (steps)

Valchromat / Fenix


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