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> Bassocontinuo Revolution EOS X Carbon Fiber Power Amplifiers Stand


Het is het eerste voorbeeld van een succesvolle samenwerking door een gemotiveerd team: Christoph Nussbaumer (onze Oostenrijkse ontwerper), Potito Cordisco en Mauro Terraneo (luchtvaartingenieurs), Marco en Dino Merelli (koolstofvezelingenieurs), alle betrokken leveranciers met hun werknemers en ons team in het hoofdkantoor. Dankzij de evolutie van composietmaterialen is deze versie volledig "verfvrij". De technische prestaties zijn veel verbeterd, dankzij de aanpak van een ander materiaal (twee visco-elastische dempers zijn nu verkrijgbaar in elke doos, dubbele ontkoppelingsringen verbinden carbon frame met structuur en verstelbare voeten hebben nu een nieuw elastisch materiaal). Dankzij een nieuwe vorm en een compleet ander lamineerproces (monodirectionele en bidirectionele koolstofvezelhuiden werken samen) is de torsie van het carbonframe met ongeveer 85% verminderd in vergelijking met de vorige versie. Nieuwe materialen zoals 3D Core (gebruikt door Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW M en nog veel meer) bevinden zich in de zwevende plank en helpen trillingen te verwijderen die worden gegenereerd door motoren van draaitafels en cd-spelers. Op aanvraag kunnen enkele kleine details worden aangepast.

It is the first example of a successful cooperation by a motivated team: Christoph Nussbaumer (our Austrian designer), Potito Cordisco and Mauro Terraneo (aeronautical engineers), Marco and Dino Merelli (carbon fibre engineers), all the involved suppliers with their workers and our team in the HQ. Thanks to the evolution of composites materials, this version is completely "paint free". Technical performance has been improved a lot, due to a different material's approach (two visco-elastic dampers are now available in any box, double decoupling rings connect carbon frame with structure and adjustable feet have now a new elastic material). Thanks to a new shape and a completely different lamination process (mono-directional and bi-directional carbon fibre skins are working together), carbon frame torsion has been reduced about 85% compared with previous version. New materials like 3D Core (used by Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW M and many mores) is inside of the floating shelf and helps to dissipate vibrations generated by turntable and CD players engines. On demand a few small details can be customized.

A visionary project started in 2020: improve a series of objects that have been a benchmark for almost seven years in the world of premium racks. The evolution of composite materials technology, the creative genius of Christoph Nussbaumer, a team of experienced technicians and engineers and our long-time experience in the fight against vibration, made it possible to create products that were unthinkable until a few years ago. After almost two years of research and hard work we are proud to present a new benchmark: REVOLUTION X.

WE WILL RACK YOU - Revolution Line becomes Revolution X
We like to explore different worlds and ways of thinking. We think that rooting your work on outdated concepts limits the evolution and prevents new discoveries from being made. Since ever we go against the tide, from the begining we have been innovators and architects of our destiny. Leaving the tracks traced by preconceptions it’s often risky but we love challenges. Revolution X represents the best we have been able to create until today. A totally inert rack over 114 Hz with elevated muffling peaks already at 7 Hz. All measured and measurable, all certified by a totally independent analysis laboratory.

Christoph Nussbaumer - Inspired by technology
Austrian-born with roots in a artisans family he graduated at Scuola Politecnica di Design. He collected experiences in international design-agencies in Salzburg, Milan and Boston. In 1997 he founds and directs one of most successful innovation driven italian ID-agencies. His team of designers and engineers wins over 200 international design and industry awards. Currently he leads a small and flexible, highly specialized design & engineering team, offering innovative design-solutions. His studio has a prestigious client portfolio such as Scarpa, Atomic and Smeg. Specialist in applied ergonomics, sports biomechanics and brand strategy, Christoph’s work is inspired by technology.

CARBON IS CLEARED TO TAKE OFF - Monocoque technology
Back in 2015 we were the first to introduce on the market a rack in structural carbon: to this day no one was able to imitate it. In 2022 we launch on the market an object that demolishes and revolutionizes completely everything that shocked us at the time. The apparent stiffness of the monocoque frame actually hides a flexible soul which makes of AEON X the new benchmark on the market. We use the same monocoque technology of the F1 safety cells. The structural overlap in the lamination process ensures reduction of peripheral torsion, resistance to static load, low frequency vibration damping. Everything is summed up in a performance never measured before in only 1,7 mm of carbon fibre.

THE ONLY WAY TO TEST - Testing process
As always, once again we are not improvising. All our racks undergo a precise test protocol (static and dynamic). Understanding and measuring what happens to our products, allows us to ensure that they really work. Incremental static load tests and modal analysis conducted with 28 accelerometers (mono-axial and triaxial) provided us data to optimize the densities of damping materials and the laminating processes of the carbon fibre. All the reports can be downloaded directly from our website. The main purpose of a rack is to isolate the electronics from vibrations that negatively affect their performance: our racks are doing this, Revolution X does it even better! Carbon look, listening test, anti-resonant paints, “tuned” by ear shelves and other similar sentences, represents garbage that does not belong to us. You would never drive your super car with the tires of a small car. Place your electronics only on racks that guarantee you measurable performance.



Luxury and competition: shiny monocoque frame and matte floating shelf. An object that leaves you breathless, a finish that conveys safety and performance.

Racing black (silver)
Glossy monocoque frame;
Opaque shelf; Silver legs.

Racing black (lead+ bronze)
Glossy monocoque frame;
Opaque shelf; Lead and bronze legs.

Racing black (copper+silver)
Glossy monocoque frame;
Opaque shelf; Copper and silver legs.

Le Mans
Glossy monocoque frame;
Centre panel matte black,
frame wrapped with genuine leather,
handmade red sewed; Silver legs.

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