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> Bassocontinuo Lyra XL4 2.1 Isostatic Audio Rack


- Full modularity like REFERENCE LINE
- Aftermarket update: add or remove one or more cylinders at any time to change the heights
  between the shelves
- Generous thickness of the shelf: 25 mm
- Load capacity: from 60 kg each shelf
- Metal structure: diameter of 35 mm, two cylinders of 5 and 10 cm to complete all multiple
- Three legs finishes: dark gray, milky white, silver
- Possibility to overlap Lyra shelf on Cymbalon
- New “zero-shaking” system to considerably stabilizes the shelf compared to the previous
- Cosmetic tie rod cover made by Delrin ©
- New spike with stabilizer washer for an extreme fine-tuning
- Two amazing new finishes (walnut and wenge) to match the rack with Sonus Faber

* Walnut and Wenge centre panels are handmade by our artisans: slight differences between them and Sonus Faber loudspeakers may occur

- Structure: four legs structure, solid metal parts, completely modular, metallic dark gray coated;
  indipendent shelves and adjustable spikes.
- Thickness of the shelves: 25 mm
- Height between shelves (or from the floor) from 90 to 290 mm
- Overall dimension 660 x 560 mm (w x d)
- Useful size 565 x 560 mm (w x d) each shelf
- Top shelf useful size 660 x 560 mm (w x d)
- Load capacity 70 kgs each shelf
- Decoupling elastomer washer between legs and shelf, made by red pu 90 sh.
- Spike discs decoupled by sbr rubber.
- Note: Best buy. Fully modular rack. Always expandable and upgradeable.


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