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> UL-2C3D Level 3 Luidspreker kabel


2C3D Level 3 Speaker Cables mimic the performance of the older series, while shrinking costs by removing the costly Metal “shoe” and removable tails. Now soldered from end-to-end, we split the networks into two smaller enclosures connected by a super flexible conductor group. One third of the cost has been removed from this design, making real High End performance more accessible than ever. A universal connector system included for spades or bananas.

> UL-2C3D Level 2 Luidspreker kabel


2C3D Level 2 Speaker Interfaces get right to the heart of the music. Taking the challenge of another High-End manufacturer to "build the best $10,000 cable you can build", the 2C3D Level 2 rises to the occasion. Fashioned after the MIT Oracle 0 (~ $15,00) this component delivers real High-End performance at a fraction of the price. Includes SHD, HD and 2C3D circuitry in the Heritage enclosure. Spades included.

> UL-2C3D Level 1 Luidspreker kabel


Best of Class
We used most of the SHD, HD, and 2C3D circuitry from the 120's, but made everything smaller. By using "through hole" printed circuit boards and smaller components, we reduced the size by about 50%. The 2C3D Level 1 is Reference grade at "Real World" prices. Spades included.


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