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> DMC-30SV Series 2 The "Super Veloce" Reference Preamplifier


After years of painstaking research and development and exhaustive listening trials the Spectral DMC-3OSV "Super Veloce" Reference Preamplifier was introduced utilizing Spectral's new benchmark SV technology. As the premiere example of Spectral's custom SV semiconductor technology, the DMC-3OSV has been an unqualified success, joined in recent years by the similarly advanced SV reference standard amplifiers. Taken together, the Spectral SV component series has taken Spectral music systems to a new level of realism and accuracy which redefine the state-of-the-art. Now the evergreen DMC-30 preamplifier is once again reimagined with the most advanced refinements from our cutting edge research. The new DMC-3OSV Series 2 continues the relentless refinement of our classic DMC-30 series and represents the most advanced reference preamplifïer we have offered in our long history.

Since the establishment of our company in the 1970s and the introduction of our very first audio component, high performance preamplifier design has occupied the highest engineering prioriry at Spectral. Our special focus on high-end preamplifier development over the years is based on the major design challenges which low-level amplifier and control circuitry represent. At these critical signal levels, minute amplifier distortions and signal control colorations are passed on and magnified by power amplifiers to dominate the sonic signanrre of the best audio systems. Spectral engineers have spent the last four decades pursuing ideal performance and signal transparency in audio preamplifiers to realize ultimate fidelity in high-end music systems.

Relentless Refinement: The DMC-30SV Series 2
The DMC-30SV reference preamplifier is widely considered to be the most accurate and transparent preamp in the industry. But recent advances in high performance topologies and custom components have moved the art forward at Spectral. V/e knew as ,we developed the new circuits and components for the DMA-500 anniversary amplifier that tire advances in our SV technology would have application back in the DMC-3OSV preamplifier. These ultra-low impedance circuits are defined by our custom built semiconductors and high precision passive components. In the DMA-500 drivers, our SV fet technology is supported by the most advanced family of passive components ever made for a Spectral amplifier, V/ith the proven reliability and superior transparency that has been achieved in the DMA-500, our engineers applied the new techniques and components to the DMC-30SV to transfer these benefits and further advance circuit speed and lower complex distortions.

The Remarkable "Teflon Array" Technology
The DMC-30SV is one of Spectral's most successfully realized components as the first of our Super Veloce generation, but our ideal SV preamp topology can be further perfected with the extreme precision values, elements and dielectric films created for the DMA-500. Key to the performance of the DMA-500 is the remark able Teflon Array technology created for the SV driver which lowers capacitance and inductance to improve stability at very high frequencies. Our new balanced 301C output rnodule for the DMC-3OSV S2 utilizes.

Spectral's 'Teflon Array' film capacitor technology to replace all previous film capacitors in the signal path. New construction bulk metal Iithographic resistors joir: the TA capacitors to eliminate the previous trimming elements. Improvements in compensation, stability, feedback and gain setting are the result and optimize the revised SHHA output modules on a higher plane. To support the revised line level ourput section of the DMC-3OSV S2, a new power supply transformer with improved regulation and headroom are also employed. The result is improved dynamics and low-level clariry.

The SHHA Generation 3 Analog Line Section
The foundational core of the DMC-30SV preamplifier rests on the Spectral High-speed Hybrid SHHA Gen 3 line modules. Our highly evolved, high performance SHHA modules are now ideally powered and precisely compensated in the new 301C balanced output section of the DMC-30SV Series 2. Just as the preamplifier is the essential heart of the finest music systems, the SHHA high-speed module is the essential heart of our high resolution preamplifiers. For this reason, the modular architecture of Spectral preamps has been developed to accommodate design evolution of our SHHA technology with convenience and ease. Now the 301C SHHA G3 line section of the DMC-30 incorporates the 'Teflon Array' technology as well as other advances which optimize all operating parameters of the DMC-30 line output section. These and other advances in the SHHA G3 module assure uncompromising sonics and extended reliabiliry. Musical results include higher resolution, greater dynamics and improved harmonic structure. Vastly improved imaging and focus result from the eliminatior of transistor thermal-tail distortions and dielectric film non-linearities.

Seeking The Missing Link

With the widespread use of integrated circuit op-amp topologies in current high-end digital processors and digital source components, the role of the preamplifier to optimize the component interface has never been more critical to final system performance. Todays digital converters have a challenging task delivering precision conversions of music files and downloads while also driving complex cables and low-impedance input loads utilizing rudimentary analog circuits and basic power supplies. Without the benefits of discrete, high-bias analog amplifiers, digital processors struggle to provide optimal drive and load isolation when faced with the full dynamics of high-resolution recordings. In addition to these output drive limitations, IC based digital processors require balanced output operation to avoid higher distortion levels which occur when used single-ended. It is also important to recognize that digital audio processors are not equipped to perform
the role of preamplifier in high-end audio component systems, Power amplifiers require robust drive capabilities from the best discrete class A preamplifier line sections to avoid impedance mismatching, current limiting and cable reflection problems associated with low bias IC op-amp output sections.

The Model 304 Balanced lnput AmpliÍier
To address the shortcomings inherent in the output sections of todays high-end digital processors, Spectral engineers developed the model 304 balanced input amplifier. The model 304 is a discrete, high-speed class A unity gain buffer operating on unusually high voltage rails. This fully push-pull topology is derived from our innovative SDR-4000 I/V balanced amplifier and features superior performance to any IC buffer. The model 304 is design optimized as a discrete
buffer amplifier unlike conventional IC input buffers. Custom discrete buffers are a rarity in audio today but still are found in the best ultra-premium recording consoles. Although difficult to design and hugely. expensive compared to op-amps, the optimized discrete input buffer is the only uncompromised solution for interfacing digital audio components and amplifiers.

Spectral engineers take the discrete input buffer to the next level in the 304 balanced input amplifier. Custom matched J-fet transistors are employed in the cascode front-end. Built to Spectral specifications for low gain applications, the handbuilt devices lower crossover distortion, noise and improve comlnon mode rejection. Bandwidth, slew rate and distortion are all vastly superior to conventional buffers. The speed and resolution of the 304 balanced input buffer are exemplary and perfectly compliment the superlative performance of the 301C line section of the DMC-30SV S2.

lnstantaneous Accuracy: The Final Frontier
In the DMC-3OSV S2 reference preamplifier, Spectral brings together some of the most accurate and sophisticated circuits yet developed for music reproduction. Through painstaking research and development, new line-level output stages employ next generation instrumentation technology, which address historic distortion problems in solid-state semiconductor design, with heroic results. Amplifier topologies in the DMC-3OSV are the fastest and deepest settling that we have developed. Premium passive component technologies used in critical locations are of unsurpassed quality. Today, no other preamplifiers have the ultra-fast signal response and the instan[aneous signal extinction achieved in the DMC-30SV. This "instantaneous accuracy" sets the stage for remarkably transparent, articulate and vividly immersive sonics.

The DMC-30SV S2 ReÍerence Preamplifier: At the Leading Edge
We are pleased to see more and more music enthusiasts are coming to understand that no music system can be any better than the performance of its preamplifier. There is growing sophistication in regards to absolute performance and price. At a time when ultra high price preamplifiers are routinely introduced at several times the cost of Spectral, the thoughtful music enthusiast is left to wonder exactly what benefits these lofty prices buy? We believe the sophisticated customer will find the answer in the uncompromising DMC-3OSV. Few preamplifters at any price can boast the designer credentials and unrivaied component qualiry of the DMC-30SV. Edge-of-the-art amplifier technology and advanced custom component design are utilized throughout the DMC-30SV to a degree rarely seen in stratospheric components. This is because Spectral engineers have identified those key components that most determine instrument stability and sonic transparency and have invested agressively. When careful investment in superior circuit performance and signal path components becomes the design priority over elaborate metalwork sculpture, state-of-the-art clarity and signal resolution can be achieved with excellent value.

The DMC-3OSV Series 2 builds on the excellent fundamentals of the DMC-30SV reference preamplifier to achieve altogether superior transparency and resolution. Utilizing the new 301C line section output module feafuring our exclusive "Teflon Array" technology and other topology refinements, the new DMC-3OSV Sz performs with immersive sonics and dazzling realism. Now our goal of achieving 2C3D and true spatial coherence has been fully realised.

Compare our new DMC-3OSV series 2 reference preamplifier against the most costly and ambitious high-end preamps in the industry. We are confident you will discover the important musical difference superior engineering experience and design innovation make.

Selected design highlights
- Full feature remote control operates all functions.
- lndícator displays are clearly visible from a distance.
- New generation high-level line output section topolory.
- lmproved SHHA C3 ulra high-speed hybrid amplifier modules with ultra precision compensation
- 80 volts peak-to-peak output voltage for unprecedented dynamics.
- Relays allow signal control selection at the optimal point in the circuify, maintaining the shortest
  signal path.
- Microprocessor "sleep mode" and silent display architecture.
- Cost-no'obj ect d iscrete custom component tech no logies.
- Custom ultra-precision mil-spec motorised studio audÍo volume attenuator.
- Ultra low-noise "silent power" supply system, with floating ground shunt regulation.
- Three'tiered architecture takes the signal path off the power supply circuit board.
- Balanced architecture takes maximum advantage of differential operation.
- Optically isolated protection systems for maximum signal purity.
- Custom semiconductor devices developed exclusively for this topology.
- Custom Teflon and polystyrene film capacitors in critical circuit locations.
- Proprietary u ltra'preci s ion Teflon Array fi I m capacitor tech nology.
- Bulk metal ultra precision resistors in critical signal locations.

- 8 lnputs: 5 normal, 1 balanced. tape monltor
- 3 Outputs: normal, balanced, and tape

Control Compliment
- Output Attenuation: Motorized cuÍtom fader conductive plastic, modified log taper
- Output Balance: Relay attenuator systern with center position bypass
- Mute Swltch: 0, -20 dB attenuation
- High Level Trim: 0 and -12 dB attenuation for all high level inputs

- Mode Switches: Stereo/Mono, Absolute Phase
- lnput Select: 6 position, and tape monitor
- Output Level: display 50 step LED
- Output Balance: Display 50 step LED
- lnput lmpedance: 15K Ohms
- Output lmpedance: 100 ohms
- Gain: 20 db unbalanced, 26db balanced

Recording Amplifiers
- lnput lmpedance 11K ohms, 100 ohms minimum load
- Output lmpedance 2K ohms

Protection Circuit
- Protection Mode: DC offfset, oscillation
- Method: Crowbar output relays
- Sensitivity: 20 mV ccntinuous DC
- Recovery: 10 sec
- Chassis Temperature: Internal 48° C @ 25° C room temperature

Frequency Response
- DC to 15MMz, -3dB
- DC to 2,5MMz, -.10dB
- Any level to 36V RMS

- Slew Rate: 1000 V/us or greater
- Risa Time: 70 ns
- Distortion: Less than .005 % THD and IM
- Crosstalk: Greater than 95 dB
- Noise: 108 dB A Weighted, ref 100 mV @ 1 kHz
- Output Voltage: 1.6 VRMS, 100 V peak to peak maximum
- Output Current: 1 Amp maximum per channel, balanced out
- Remote Control: Operates all front panel functions
- Dimensions: 48,3cm W x 1,4cm H, 31,1cm D
- Weight: 11,8 kg


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