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Connecting your Hi-Fi system to the world

The MiND 2 is the second generation of MOON intelligent Network Device. The control center of a MiND is our proprietary application running on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Not only does MiND 2 allow to access, browse and play the music you care for, it also gives you the control of your MOON Hi-Fi system for ultimate ease of use.



High Fidelity Music Streaming

MiND 2 Technology Features
- Roon Ready device
- Access to Tidal, with Tidal Masters support
- Access to Deezer with Deezer Hi-Fi support
- Access to Qobuz, with Qobuz Sublime+ support
- Tune-In Internet radios
- Music Services fully integrated in MiND network streamer and application
- UPnP Compatibility
- Play queue mixing multiple sources capability (tracks from various services)
- MQA decoding in DAC products (ACE, 280D, 380D, 780D and 390)
- DSD decoding in DAC products (ACE, 280D, 380D, 780D and 390)
- Multi-room synchronized playback
- Up to 32 bits/384 kHz sampling rate support on wired connection
- Up to DSD 256 sampling rate support on wired connection
- Retrofit capability on original MiND products for upgrade
- SimLink communication channel to control other MOON components
- Software based technology for better future upgradeability

Additionnal Features of MiND 2 on new generation model only (MOON 390)
- Dual Ethernet Connector for MiND streaming module and other applications
- Dual Wi-Fi antennas for stronger wireless connection
- Streaming of local source to other zones (such as vinyl replay from one room to another)
- USB–A input to access audio files on USB stick or powered HDD



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