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68 Articulation Poles

"It's time for true audio confessions: I despise all audio cables. Unfortunately for me (and all audiophiles), cables are a necessary evil! And until the arrival of MIT's newest MA-X phono cable, choosing between audio cables was an exercise in picking the lesser of two evils. Not any more. MIT's MA-X phono cable is far and away, the absolute finest wire to sit between my tonearm and phono section. For the first time in my experience, I'm listening to a cable without any major sonic compromises.

The latest MIT MA-X phono cable incorporates the company's highly successful adjustable multi-pole technology (68 poles of articulation) as well as adjustable cartridge impedance matching values of 47 k, 1000 ohms, 100 ohms. (For a more succinct and simple definition of the multipole technology and "articulation" go to www.mitcables.com/reference-library/multipole-technology.html.) Best of all, these cable's flexibility doesn't place any strain on your equipment's RCA connectors!

And it's the MA-Xs neutrality and lack of overt coloration that sets them apart from their competition. As HP first observed many years ago when listening the original Goldmund Reference turntable (and is applicable in this instance), the MIT phono cable is the first wire that allows one to hear what's really going on in the table/cartridge/tonearm realm. The MA-X phono cables really preserves the most delicate information on the LP, as well as excelling at both ends of the frequency spectrum, dynamics, quietness, imaging, low level resolution and sense of space.

MIT, using hand picked, precision matched networks, reconfigures the V1.1 internal components to allow you to tune your Phono interconnects to various input settings. By selecting 47k ohm, 1000 ohm, or 100 ohm (with the switch on the network enclosure), you can ensure the precise matching of Phono cartridges to preamplifier input impedances. As in the V1.1 audio interconnect the V1.1 Phono has added another level of performance with enhanced spatial cues and a much more dimensional soundstage. Articulates effortlessly from front to back, left to right with lots of air around every instrument. Finally, the V1.1 boasts even more significant improvements over the Shotgun and Magnum Phono interconnects in shielding, low level detail and extension. This product utilizes the very best materials and attention to detail throughout.


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