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The Oracle MA-X Phono Interconnect is the world’s first phono interface to offer fully adjustable articulation control. The Oracle MA-X is the new industry standard, raising the bar to an unsurpassed 68 poles of articulation. With 68 poles of articulation, the timbre is full, natural and rich, and the textures remain thick and dense, ensuring that voices and instruments will not lose their natural tones. All voices and instruments are “painted” on a noise-free background and portrayed within a large three-dimensional soundstage, remaining rock solid over a greater dynamic range.

- A.A.R.M. for adjustability
- RCA to RCA standard. The Oracle phono can be custom ordered to match various tone arms and
  phono pre-amps/inputs

Exclusively For Vinyl Audiophiles: The Oracle MA-X Phono Interconnect
Multipole XFor the Vinyl Audiophiles seeking the best representation of the recorded event, MIT has you covered. At every level of Phono Interfacing offered, we bring to you what no other company has – Multipole Technology. Read the reviews, the patented technologies and whitepapers, see the awards and repeated “Best Sound”, “Best of Show” accolades from Industry respected Audiophiles and professionals alike. You too can reap the same rewards from your vinyl collections and chosen playback systems.

MIT’s Phono Interconnects
are specifically designed for the unique problems that cartridges and phono preamps present. Cartridges generate extremely low output levels, with “high” output cartridges putting 1/1000th the signal level of a typical CD player or other line level source. Noise picked up by the cable can easily distort that signal. Additionally, the terminating impedances of most phono preamps are very different from typical line level inputs. This will alter the articulation of the cable if not designed with that in mind. To solve both problems, MIT uses a unique doubled-shielded design for noise-free playback, and unique networks with selectable impedance settings (100 Ohm, 1 KOhms and 47 KOhms) in order to get the most from your records.

A.A.R.M. The Adjustable Articulation Response Module
The Oracle MA-X articulation selector allows the listener to “fine tune” this interface for optimal balance between transients, detail, imaging and musicality. All with the simple rotation of the MIT patent-pending Articulation Selector integrated into every Oracle MA-X interconnect. The illustration below is an artist’s rendering of the Oracle MA-X articulation response for each setting of the Articulation Selector switch. The base line is the 50% line. The plus values raise the articulation above the 50% line, which will enhance system transients, detail, imaging and musicality. The negative values below the 50% line will tend to have the opposite effects on a system. It is purely subjective when deciding where the selector switch should be set—experiment a bit and set the selector switch where you feel your system performance is best, and enjoy the music!


Positive Feedback 2010 Writers' Choice Award
The MIT Oracle MA-X Phono cable - "It's time for true audio confessions: I despise all audio cables. Unfortunately for me (and all audiophiles), cables are a necessary evil! And until the arrival of MIT's newest MA-X phono cable, choosing between audio cables was an exercise in picking the lesser of two evils. Not any more. MIT's MA-X phono cable is far and away, the absolute finest wire to sit between my tonearm and phono section. For the first time in my experience, I'm listening to a cable without any major sonic compromises."
Miles Astor - Positive FeedbackEditor, Reviewer, Journalist


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