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> Oracle MA-X Rev.3 RCA interconnect


2017 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound
"Like MITís Oracle MA speaker cable, the companion Oracle MA-X interconnect fully reveals the textural warmth, body, and saturation of tone colors one hears from live instruments. The soundstaging is equally impressive, delivering a huge and transparent rendering with precise placement of images. Small knobs on the termination boxes allow you to fine-tune the sound to your system."

Resurrected from years past, the Oracle MA is returning as the Rev.1 with an updated network boasting 95 poles of articulation, producing full timbre, natural and rich textures that remain thick and dense, ensuring voices and instruments do not lose their natural tones. The Oracle MA Rev.1 comes in the patented "V" configuration for a cleaner install with strain relief. 

> Oracle MA-X Rev.3 XLR interconnect


The third revision of the Oracle MA-X Interconnect builds upon its adjustable articulation predecessor with added textures, timbres and harmonics that perfectly compliment any of the Oracle speaker interfaces.The Oracle MA-X Rev.3 Balanced version now boasts 103 Poles of articulation. The timbre is now fuller, richer, and more natural. All voices and instruments are "painted" on a noise-free background and portrayed with a large lifelike soundstage, remaining rock solid over an even greater dynamic range.

- 103 Poles of Articulation.
- A.A.R.M. (Adjustable Articulation Response Module).
- Impedance Matching (3m and shorter, Please specify for longer lengths)
- Patented V-Configuration for an easy install with strain relief.


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