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> Triton One.R Tower luidspreker met ingebouwde 1600 Watt subwoofer versterker


The Triton One.R is an evolutionary speaker that builds upon all the advanced technologies that have made the Tritons famous. Perfect for two-channel music or multi-channel music and home theater, The One.R is a sleek 54˝ tall tower that, like the Triton Reference, Triton Two+ and Triton Three+, houses a superb built-in powered subwoofer. The One.R’s powered subwoofer section consists of three forwardfacing 5" x 9" quadratic sub-bass drivers in a semi-line-source array configuration (for less deleterious room interaction and more effective coupling of the low-frequency energy to the room), driven by a new 56 bit DSP-controlled 1600 watt SuperSub Class D digital amplifier. The GoldenEar designed amp has a Programmable Logic Device based state machine with nearly instantaneous 278 ns update time to perfectly manage a myriad of functions including soft-clipping, DC offset control, outputstage saturation control, discrete multi-band limiting and phase perfect crossover to the midrange. The active sub-bass drivers are coupled to two pairs of horizontally-opposed, inertiallybalanced 7" x 10" planar sub-bass radiators, which are located on the sides of the cabinet and down near the floor boundary for optimum bass coupling to the room.

“The powerful sense of atmosphere that the One.R speakers conveyed conjured up memories of my time with the Triton Reference, which had a similarly vivid and realistic presentation.” – Al Griffin, Sound & Vision

Our newly developed Frequency Dependent Bass Loading Technology, utilizing open-cell polyurethane foam damping pads, as well as special hollow-fiberfill, further optimizes lowfrequency performance. GoldenEar founders Sandy Gross and Don Givogue pioneered the concept of built-in powered subwoofers in 1995 and have been refining it ever since. Although the elimination of separate subwoofer boxes from the listening room is certainly a desirable benefit, the real reason for building in the subs is the achievement of far superior integration of the low frequencies with the rest of the loudspeaker system. While clearly important for movies, this is a tremendous benefit and absolutely critical for music. Having the built-in powered subwoofer section also has the significant benefit of giving tremendous flexibility in amplifier choices, since the bass is powered internally and doesn’t require external amplifier power. Everything from low powered tube single ended triode amps, to a good receiver, to mega-watt solid state behemoths, will deliver exceptional performance with the Triton One.Rs. The upper-bass/midrange and high frequencies are perfectly handled by a D’Appolito Array of two GoldenEar engineered spider-leg, cast-basket (for improved rear flow through and minimal reflection) 5-1/4˝ drivers that surround our signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter. The bass/mid drivers incorporate our unique Multi-Vaned Phase Plug, which combined with our proprietary cone shape, assures smooth extended response out to 20kHz, well beyond their crossover point. A new focused field magnet structure, developed for the Triton Reference, has been incorporated for improved control. Our extraordinary High-Gauss Reference HVFR tweeter, which generates high-pressure by squeezing the air, rather than pushing and pulling it like conventional domes or ribbons, achieves an exceptional impedance match to the air for smooth response extending beyond 35kHz, without the breakup modes and zingy sounding distortion common to other tweeter types. Greater control also results in improved dynamic range. A unique new crossover network, incorporating a special balanced topology (which reduces stray capacitance in the magnetic circuit), precision film capacitors and special internal wiring, perfectly blends the drivers for seamless homogeneous sound, also a GoldenEar hallmark. The cabinet itself builds upon the superb construction of the Triton Two, incorporating even thicker cabinet walls and baffles, improved bracing and additional damping; all optimized with advanced accelerometer analysis at our engineering facility. The sleek, narrow cabinet, with its non-parallel walls (which dramatically reduce internal reflections and standing waves), is not only a gorgeous form factor, but results in noticeable performance benefits including very low coloration as well as the superior box-less imaging that all GoldenEar speakers are justifiably famous for. The dual discrete midrange chambers are quite large, allowing for a very low, 100 Hz., crossover point between the sub-bass and upper-bass/midrange, which also yields important sonic benefits. In addition, the precisely angled rear cabinet walls of the midrange chambers dramatically cut down and smooth internal reflections to further eliminate midrange coloration. Of course, our advanced anechoic chamber, which is a duplicate of the famous chamber at the Canadian NRC, was fully utilized in the development process, along with untold hours dedicated to the voicing process. The result is a superb reference home audio and home theater loudspeaker, already honored by the prestigious 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, that has performance equal to, and in many cases surpassing, speakers selling for ten times its cost. Remarkably precise 3D imaging with a huge soundstage of exceptional height, depth and breadth is a notable characteristic of the Triton One.R. And, of course, a pair’s dual powered subwoofers deliver remarkably deep, tight, bass performance, perfect for music as well as dynamic home theater; bass that is superior to separate subwoofers that are alone priced higher than the complete Triton One.R loudspeaker.


  • The Triton One.R includes our new Reference Folded Ribbon tweeter with a 50% larger magnet/motor assembly than the standard GoldenEar HVFR device. The result is smoother high frequency response, extremely high resolution without stridency and higher efficiency.

  • Larger, re-designed Focused-Field magnet structures on the high performance midrange drivers and new cone materials/shapes. This results in better cone control, higher efficiency and exceptionally clear, detailed response.

  • The three newly designed racetrack shaped active subwoofer drivers on the front of the cabinet have special polymer impregnated nomex cones, in order to minimize cone breakup when strongly driven. Huge magnet structures are utilized in order to better control cone movement and improve transient response. Combined with the four quadratic planar infrasonic radiators and the 1600-watt 56-bit DSP controlled built-in amplifier, this powerhouse subwoofer system has to be heard to be believed.

  • The use of an integral built-in high-powered subwoofer in order to better integrate it with the rest of the loudspeaker..Utilizing its 56-bit DSP gives it the ability to dramatically flatten and extend the low frequency response (much deeper than achievable in an enclosure this size with a passive bass section), as well as to enable it to achieve near ideal blending of the bass section with the rest of the system, especially in terms of phase response.

  • Its monocoque cabinet is constructed of multi-density medite, engineered with the goal of making it as non-resonant and inert as possible, thus eliminating extraneous vibration that could detract from the pure sound of the drivers. To do this, an elaborate system combining bracing and damping pads, optimized with the use of an accelerometer-generated cumulative spectral decay analysis, is utilized.

  • The sides of the speaker are not parallel, in order to minimize internal reflections, which again, purifies the sound. Similarly, the separate, internal enclosure that houses the upper-bass/midrange drivers is designed with no parallel walls, for the same purpose. The chamber is then critically damped by stuffing with an inert mixture of Dacron and long fiber wool.

  • Other upgrades from the One include the fully balanced crossover network with specially selected low DA (Di-electric Absorption) film capacitors, and high grade internal wiring with a new twist pattern that enhances driver blending.

Driver Complement
3x 5" x 9" long-throw subwoofers coupled to
4x 7" x 10" quadratic planar infrasonic radiators
2x 5 1⁄4" high-definition cast-basket mid/bass drivers
1x High-Gauss Neodymium Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Tweeter

- Frequency Response: 13 Hz - 35 kHz
- Sensitivity: 92 dB
- Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
- Recommended Amplifier: 20 - 650 Watt/channel
- Built-In Subwoofer Power Amplification: 1600-Watt SuperSub digital/DSP amplifier
- Dimensions: 137,2 cm x 20,3 cm x 42,3 cm (incl. voet)
- Weight: 36,3 kg

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