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> DARC 140  3-weg-fourfold 7" bassreflex systeem


3-Way floorstanding loudspeaker with extended bass-reflex system, high-pass filtered, ceramic midrange speaker and either ceramic or diamond tweeter. Massive aluminium base, spikes finely adjustable via ball bearings, height indication via scale, built-in level for perfect adjustment. BiWiring connection with WBT-Nextgen terminals. Double Vision version available. The loudspeaker as a sculpture, as an object that speaks for itself. You don't hide the DARC 140, on the contrary - you show it offensively. And one plays it offensively, because it plays like from another star! Ceramic loudspeaker chassis, diamond tweeters, aluminium cabinet, solid aluminium base and the best sound components in the world - everything Made in Germany. German technology, well-being, crystal clear sound, charm and emotion - there has never been such a loudspeaker in the long German HiFi history. Or do you know one? Aesthetics, size, slimness united in a perfect loudspeaker, which is handmade in Renningen and then enters the world stage. Didn't you always want to listen to your favorite music, your century pieces on such a loudspeaker?

Product description
- Cabinet made of massive aluminium ribs with dampers in between
- Down-firing bass vented, high-/mid closed cabinet
- Symmetrized crossover with Mundorf parts
- Ultrahigh slope crossover of 60 db/octave
- Black Accuton drivers
- Ninefold room equalization system
- Bass extension jumper
- WBT NextGen binding posts
- Adjustable Spikes included
- Big Foot, Double Vision, Diamond available

- Construction: 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with extended bass-reflex system
- Impedance [Ohm]: 4
- Power Handling [Watt]: 820
- Height [cm]: 190
- Width [cm]: 22
- Depth [cm]: 35
- Weight [kg]: 100

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