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> Bassocontinuo Spike C advanced adjustable spikes


Het is een interessante upgrade voor alle CLASSIC LINE, kan de originele spikes op Lyra XL4, Cymbalon etc. vervangen. Compatibel met versie 2.0 en 2.1, profiteert van een sandwich met complexe materialen (roestvrij staal, puur koper, rubber). Zeer handig om basfrequenties te regelen en het focusstadium te vergroten, kan ook onder elektronica (perfect met draaitafel en cd-spelers) of luidsprekers (M8-schroefdraad) worden gebruikt.

Spike C is an advanced adjustable spike, designed to make a sandwich of four different materials. The heart is made by pure solid copper disc which can be matched with (according to your needs) two decouplers (included into the box) with different density. Compression inside of metal shields, facilitates energy damping. You can immediately notice enhanced stage focus and better bass frequencies control.

Spike C is supplied on set of 4 (but is available in set of 3 or 5 as well)
and is fully compatible with all CLASSIC LINE 2.0 and 2.1 products.

It can be used under electronics (especially turntables and CD players)
or can replace the original loudspeakerís spikes (M8 thread)



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