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Venom-3 Molded met C15

> Venom 3 Molded of Custom Shielded Power Cord


The Venom3 power cord is likely the finest example of Shunyata Research's commitment to manufacturing products that deliver dramatic improvement to the performance of audio/visual and recording systems -- at a bare minimum of cost.

No product like the Venom 3 exists in its category because Shunyata Research is the only company of its kind to make such an enormous investment in creating low-cost high performance power-system products.

From one end to the other, the Venom3 stands alone as an example of what can be achieved when the finest parts and materials are applied with a clear and scientifically well defined purpose. From the moment the Venom3 power cords are connected to any sound, recording or video system they will effect definable, dramatic improvements in the resolution of detail in sound and video. Due to their extremely low cost, every electronics system can now benefit from a 100% shielded low-resistance Venom3 power cord system.

The Venom3 is custom manufactured using Shunyata's exclusive, high performance molded AC connectors. These see-through connector designs display the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into their construction and careful termination.

Shunyata Research uses its own top-quality CDA 101 copper conductors and a 100% coverage shield to isolates the critical "first few feet" outside electronics from the strong fields of radiated high frequency noise that can distort recordings and obscure detail in sound and video. The Venom3 is also extremely flexible and easy to place in even the most space-constrained areas and around any tight corner with ease -- which is a unique attribute in and of itself!

Another first is the Venom3's 12 gauge, 20A capable current delivery -- the only molded power cord of its kind that can accommodate high-current loads with ease. Add to all this the fact that the Venom3 is UL Listed for an additional assurance of safety and quality and you have a product that has no peer in terms of definable science, material quality, performance and price.

- Corrosion Resistant Contacts
- Shunyata-designed Medical Grade Connectors
- Pure OFC (oxygen free) copper wiring
- RFI/EMI shielding
- UL Listed

- Geometry: Twist-link
- Conductors: 3
- Flexible .5" diameter

Mains connectors
- Schuko (EURO)

Component connectors
- IEC C13 (Standard type connector)
- IEC C19 (Used for Hydras and some power amps)
- IEC C14 (Extension cable)

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Venom-3 Custom met C19

Venom-3 Molded

Venom-3 Molded met C15

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