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> Alpha EF Ultimate Flexibility Power Cord


Alpha Power Cable
The Alpha NR and Alpha EF power cables deliver true reference level performance with massive 8-gauge VTXTM conductors and the industry’s finest CopperCONN® power connectors. The Alpha NR model adds measurable noise-reduction through the use of Shunyata’s own CCITM Filter-system, while the ultra-flexible Alpha EF provides world-class performance to components with obstructed power entries. Alpha EF and Alpha NR power-cables possess truly unique technologies, metal-treatments and parts customization that simply does not exist in competitive products — and they accomplish this at surprisingly affordable prices.

Alpha EF
The Alpha EF uses the same 8 gauge VTXTM (hollow-core) conductors from the Alpha NR but is extremely flexible with its Tri-Flex, Extreme Flexibility design. The exclusive CopperCONN® EF-C15 allows connections to obstructed AC inlets. KPIPTM eliminates burn-in issues.

- WIRE: OFE 8 gauge, VTXTM geometry, Tri-flex
- TERMINATION: Connectors: EF-C15, C19; Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK and Swiss.

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