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> Sigma NR Noise Reduction Power Cord


Sigma Series cables showcase technological innovation and design execution that simply does not exist elsewhere — at any price. Sigma Series cables combine meaningful parts innovations with objective measurement and an artisan’s eye for construction quality. Unlike many cost-no-object cable products that have little in the way of discernible science, Sigma Series products incorporate an array of definable technologies that sets the standard for quality and performance in the cable industry .

Sigma NR Power Cables
The Sigma NR power cord builds upon the worldwide success of its predecessors with massive 6-gauge (VTXTM) hollow-core conductors and Shunyata’s own CopperCONN®, solid copper connectors. The Sigma NR’s meticulous design and vanishingly low-resistance to peak current (DTCDTM) delivers unparalleled performance when used with even the most currenthungry amplifiers. It’’s built-in wide-bandwidth noise filtration system reduces power-line and component generated power supply noise, making it an ideal choice for source components, power amplifiers and digital systems. Shunyata’s Sigma NR power cord’s advanced materials and standard-setting technology raise the performance bar for others to follow.

The Sigma NR power cord is the ultimate expression of Shunyata Research’s Noise Reduction series. Six gauge VTXTM (hollow-core) conductors equip it to handle the highest-powered amplifiers and yet it is surprising flexible for such a large diameter cable. CopperCONN®, pure copper connectors, are the best in the business. KPIPTM eliminates burn-in issues.

- WIRE OFE 6 gauge, VTXTM geometry
- TERMINATION Connectors: C15, C19; Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK and Swiss.

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