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Sigma Series cables showcase technological innovation and design execution that simply does not exist elsewhere — at any price. Sigma Series cables combine meaningful parts innovations with objective measurement and an artisan’s eye for construction quality. Unlike many cost-no-object cable products that have little in the way of discernible science, Sigma Series products incorporate an array of definable technologies that sets the standard for quality and performance in the cable industry .

Technological innovation
As the performance vanguard in the Shunyata Research’s cable line-up; Sigma Series cables take the term ‘state-of-the-art’ to an entirely new level with the introduction of two new cutting-edge technologies. The first, integrated in the Sigma Series interconnects and digital cables, is the ‘Transverse Axial Polarizer’ (TAP). It minimizes a form of ‘micro-distortion’ identified as ‘electromagnetic polarization’ that reduces ‘sonic glare’ while increasing clarity and coherency. The second technology incorporates a proprietary device called HARP that reduces current resonances within speaker cables — a concept that is sonically analogous to the use of diffusion panels to treat frequency irregularities in room acoustics.

Sigma USB
TAP reduces electromagnetic polarization distortion. Sigma USB cables feature Precision
Matched Z conductors. Signal and power wires are heavily shielded for superior noise
immunity. Each Sigma USB cable is handmade.

- WIRE Silver 90 ohm coaxial, FEP dielectric, Precision Matched Z shielding
- TERMINATION Shunyata Diamond USB (90 ohm).

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