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The internationally patented ΞTRON® technology is perhaps the most compelling of Shunyata Research’s technologies, with its ability to measurably lower dielectric distortion and preserve the original signal’s integrity. ΞTRON® cables have earned a legendary reputation among reviewers, customers and sound professionals for their ability to eclipse the performance of even the most cost prohibitive cables on the market. Caelin Gabriel’s research has evolved to second generation ΞTRON® technology that is making its debut in the Alpha Series interconnects and speaker cables. The Alpha Series’ combination of ΞTRON® technology, Ohno Copper, VTXTM hollow-core conductors, sonic welding terminations, and KPIPTM (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) simply overwhelms competing products in performance, parts quality, and construction.

Alpha USB
Alpha USB cables feature Precision Matched Z conductors. Signal and power wires
are heavily shielded for superior noise immunity. Each Alpha USB cable is handmade.

WIRE Silver 90 ohm coaxial, FEP dielectric, Precision Matched Z shielding
TERMINATION Shunyata Diamond USB (90 ohm).

Voor de beschikbare lengtes van deze kabel raadpleeg de prijslijst.



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