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Since the introduction of the Eidolon, Avalon have encountered and engineered many advances in technology, including lowered harmonic distortion, new crossover topologies and proprietary high-purity internal conductors designed specifically for the bandwidth being utilized. Most obvious, the Eidolon Diamond boasts the inclusion of the first diamond diaphragm tweeter. New woofer design with lowered 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion, completes the concept. Each Eidolon Diamond is a rare commodityproduced in very limited numbers and available in an exclusive Quilted-Birdseye Maple finish. NO further fanfare seems necessary when one prominent reviewer has already called it, ''not only the best loudspeaker available at any price, but the finest component in the history of audio''.

Luidsprekers: 1 x 0,75" concave diamond dome tweeter
1 x 3,5" concave ceramic dome midrange
1 x 11" Nomex-Kevlar composite cone woofer
Gevoeligheid: 87dB
Impedantie: 4Ohm (3.6Ohm minimaal)
Aanbevolen versterker: 50-500Watt
Frequentie bereik: 24-100.000Hz
Gewicht: 68kg
Hoogte: 1100 mm
Breedte: 300 mm
Diepte: 430 mm

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