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> Estelon LYNX all-in-one actieve luidspreker


An exhilarating audio experience
Scaling new heights in sound quality, Estelon LYNX is, quite simply, the world’s finest speaker system. The listener experience is at the heart of every Estelon speaker and our newest and most innovative model yet delivers concert-hall quality in the comfort of your own home, guaranteeing the best seat in the house. Every time. Estelon LYNX heralds the debut of Estelon Intelligent Audio (EIA) technology. Years in the development, EIA not only sets a new standard in technical performance but also ensures that the entire system is future-proof by enabling the speaker’s hardware and software components to be updated with ease. Housed within the elegantly handcrafted curves of Estelon LYNX, this modular brain charts the line of least resistance between music and listener. A plug-and-play speaker system that requires no additional equipment, Estelon LYNX delivers an exceptional performance that speaks volumes for the time, expertise and passion that Estelon has invested in creating this revolutionary orchestration of sound, style and pitch-perfect simplicity.

Plug & play
Estelon Intelligent speakers are a simple plug-andplay solution. No additional equipment required
except the mobile device (smartphone or tablet), Estelon app to control the speakers, and a router for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

Integrated high-resolution music player
Estelon Intelligent speakers deliver the ultimate listening experience seamlessly using an integrated HQ player, specially developed for Estelon, combined with the world’s best digital music player – Roon.

Streaming music from Tidal
Estelon LYNX allows to play music from Tidal(R) high-resolution streaming service via Roon music
player (no regional restrictions). Other streaming services to be announced soon.

Playing music from your collection
Connect with your local digital music library (NAS) and enjoy playing your files through Roon music player.

Adjustable height
Estelon Intelligent Speakers have the unique possibility of adjusting the height of the speakers, enabling them to deliver an accurate and detailed soundscape in various room sizes.

Intelligent light indication
Estelon Intelligent speakers intelligently indicate a variety of different conditions when powered on using a smart light indicator with changing hues and luminosity for operational ease and visual appeal.

- Intelligent Loudspeakers / all-in-one active speakers

- Woofer: 1×10”
- Mid-Woofer: 2×5”
- Tweeter: 1×1” / Options: Beryllium or Diamond

Frequency response:
- 20-40 000 Hz

Electronics (integrated):
- Estelon Intelligent
- Audio technology: Power amplifier: 2×260 Watt, Streamer

Connectivity options:
- Wi-Fi
- Ethernet cable
- Bluetooth

Audio formats:
- Roon supports: WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSF, DFF

- Estelon® App (height adjustment and hechnical data control)
- Roon Music player
- Tidal

- Composite material

Recommended room size:
- 16-100 m˛

- Height: 1340 mm – 1540 mm / adjustable
- Width: 390 mm
- Depth: 480 mm

Net Weight:
- 65kg per speaker


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