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An exhilarating audio experience
The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the XA, Estelon XB shares its predecessor’s qualities of impeccable audio production and curved, sculptural styling, but is tailored to excel in a smaller listening environment. Estelon XB remains true to the X-Series’ expansive soundscape and thrilling, “live performance” dynamic, while delivering a precise balance of defined bass, articulate mid-range and dynamic high-range frequencies that enable the listener to savour the subtlest of musical nuances. The perfect speaker system for those seeking to experience expansive sound within a more contained space.

Type: Passive speaker
- Drivers:
  Woofer: 1×8,7″ Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome
  Mid-Woofer: 6,25” Accuton, ceramic membrane
  Tweeter: 1×1” Accuton, ceramic inverted dome
- Internal wiring: Kubala-Sosna
- Frequency response: 20-30 000 Hz
- Power rating: 150 W
- Nominal impedance: 6 ohms (min 3,5 ohms at 50 Hz)
- Sensitivity: 87 dB / 2,83 V
- Minimal amplifier power: 30 W
- Material: Marble based composite
- Dimensions (HxDxD): 1260x420x590mm
- Recommended room size: 20-50 m²
- Net weight: 69 kg per piece


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